Grade 10

My name is Roman. I am 16 years old and from the United States. I have proudly represented the school for two years. I've shared experiences with my classmates and peers that are unforgettable, from expeditions where we climbed mountains to study sessions with Batian that turned us into overnight philosophers. If there is one thing I've learned from Le Regent, it's the power of unity. Here, the term 'classmates' doesn't quite capture our bond; we are, in every sense, a family. I express my profound gratitude towards the headmaster, faculty, and staff as well as my classmates for making Le Regent feel like home. Next year I look forward to reaching new heights!

IB2 & Head of House

My name is Jay and I am in IB2. I have been enrolled in Le Regent for four years and in that time I have been a part of the Student Council every year. I came to Le Regent when I was 14 years old and my time here has been nothing short of eventful. I have learned so much, made so many memories, and made friendships with people who I will continue to stay in touch with. The memories I've made with these people will forever be cherished, such as the time I went to Portugal with the school and went surfboarding with some friends, or the mutual stress of everyone studying for the IB mock exams. I will be grateful for the experiences I have had at Le Regent and the lessons I have learnt.

Alumna, Mikaela Lindström

What I have liked most at Le Regent is the small community. I know everyone's name in the senior school, and can talk to the juniors if I'd like to. It feels like a big family. It has also made it much easier for me to learn since it is easier to have closer contact with the teacher.

During my Le Regent years, I learnt a lot - not only academically, but about life. This has been through both personal experiences and morning Reflection, where I heard other's stories and experiences. For example, I now know that success is like an iceberg (the hard work cannot be seen, only the top), and that I learn best by reading and hearing the same information at the same time. I will keep this in mind for the rest of my life. 

Mother, Isabel U

Personally, as far as Natalia and Jorge are concerned, I am happily surprised to see how quickly they adapted to life at the boarding school. They speak very highly of the quality of the classes and their teachers, how good the food is and I know that they are having a very, very good time.

After reading the reports for the fall quarter, I am pleasantly surprised to see how in just two months you have been able to perfectly detect how both Jorge (outgoing, somewhat clueless but with a desire to improve) and Natalia (more shy, with a tendency to remain quiet in class but orderly and quite focused on her future). This tells me a lot about how personalized the attention is to each student.

I am very happy that I made the decision to have my children study at Le Regent. They will learn many academic and vital things while overcoming challenges while having a good time.

What more could a mother wish for!