Learning Support


At Le Régent we aim to support every student to reach their full potential, providing a challenging high quality learning environment. Learning Support includes the use of in-class strategies, access arrangements for students for exams, or individual additional lessons. Our goal is to assist students in developing skills and strategies to achieve success in their mainstream classes and work closely with classroom teachers to minimise any barriers to learning. Students may have an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) so that all adults understand how best to accommodate their different learning needs. 

More information regarding the ethos of Learning Support at Le Régent can be found in the school’s Inclusion Policy. 


In the Autumn term, baseline assessment takes place for all students in Grades 1-10. This allows teaching staff to be aware of the individual profile of a student in order to appropriately support or challenge them in class. Throughout the year, this is followed by ongoing classroom assessment; there is close liaison with classroom teachers and key members of staff in order to identify any barriers to learning or support needs. We work closely with outside agencies in order to better understand the strengths and needs of an individual student. If we feel that a student needs additional support, parents or guardians will be contacted regarding any specialist assessment which may be required. 


We offer Learning Support sessions, where students with additional needs and barriers to learning can be supported on a one-to-one basis following a bespoke individualised programme. Students are coached and given access to strategies to assist in overcoming those barriers. We aim to increase a student’s skills and confidence, and we work closely with parents or guardians and other professionals. We therefore encourage parents to share any information, goals or concerns they may have, both prior to admission and during their child’s education here at Le Régent. 

More information about Le Régent’s learning support provision and the supplementary fees for this service can be found on the school portal.


Access Arrangements are the reasonable adjustments that can be made for an exam candidate, such as using a word processor to type answers, extra time during exams or the provision of rest breaks. 

Access Arrangements are an increasingly common feature of examinations at all levels, but they can only be granted if they are a candidate’s “normal way of working” and the candidate has a history of need.  Some access arrangements assessments can be authorised by school. However, for many access arrangements, students will need to be seen by a specialist assessor or Educational Psychologist; as this is a lengthy process, parents should ideally raise any concerns no later than Grade 8, or during the admission process if a student is above Grade 8. This will ensure that any access arrangements are in place at the start of the course and prevent a candidate from being placed at a disadvantage.


Structured academic support lessons allow identified students to concentrate on fewer, core subjects. These are usually in place of language acquisition lessons (eg. German, Spanish, Mandarin), however they may, exceptionally, replace another subject at the recommendation of the Head of Learning Support. Supplementary fees apply.