Kindergarten to Grade 5
5-10 Years
Our Junior Section is a warm, welcoming hub of creativity and learning. Within a specially designed environment conducive to learning through play and collaboration, students of all ages follow a programme based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) combined with Le Régent’s comprehensive curricular programme that ensures learning progression.

Each class has a main teacher, however, subjects such as STEAM, Music, Art and Theatre are taught by specialists. In Kindergarten, a teaching assistant helps to support our youngest learners.

French is taught at both first and second language levels. Our commitment to ensuring that our students become competent in the local language is reflected in our bilingual programme in which Art and Design are also taught in French.

For English, lessons are divided into two levels - ‘Mainstream’, for native or fluent speakers and ‘Acquisition’ for our own English as an additional language (EAL) learners. Those still acquiring English follow the Cambridge English Young Learners (YLE) programme within a smaller group, until they can join mainstream English lessons. We teach daily Phonics to all students, who are divided by their learning stage.

SUBJECT LIST 2023-2025
Grades 6 to 8
11-13 Years
In Grades 6 to 8, the academic programme is informed by the concept-based International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) and builds on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

As well as developing knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects, the IMYC themes enable learning across subjects to become more connected and meaningful. The goal and focus of the IMYC is to enable children to become more internationally-minded, learn about different cultures and develop a multilingual education. All subjects are taught by specialist teachers and all our languages are taught by native speakers.

The following subjects are offered within our core curriculum:
  • English Language & Literature
  • French
  • Spanish/German/Mandarin as a second language
  • Mathematics
  • General Sciences
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics
  • History & Geography
  • Music, Visual Arts, Theatre & Performance
  • Sport & Physical Education, plus ski in winter
  • Citizenship
  • Personal Project - based on Sustainable Development Goals

As additional options, private or small group lessons are available for LAMDA, additional English, Mother-tongue languages and Academic Support.

SUBJECT LIST 2023-2025

Assessment is an ongoing process throughout lower secondary and is utilised as a supportive measure to ensure that all students can flourish and reach their potential. Assessments are used to identify progress, establish individual learning goals, and support the academic journey. Attainment grades are obtained from classwork as well as a range of assessed tasks and projects.

Ultimately, the eight IMYC Personal Learning Goals underpin all our teaching and learning, ensuring that our students become:

  • Adaptable
  • Communicators
  • Collaborators
  • Empathetic
  • Ethical
  • Resilient
  • Respectful
  • Thinkers
Grades 9 and 10
13-15 Years
In Grades 9 and 10, our focus is to lay the foundational groundwork for student success in preparation for the challenging IB Diploma Programme. This advanced curriculum represents a more rigorous and detailed course of study compared to the lower secondary section, with a heightened emphasis on regular progress scrutiny. Our objective is to instill in students the skills to learn effectively and take ownership of their educational journey, recognising that this transition may be initially challenging for some.

The core subjects of Mathematics, English, and French remain integral to the curriculum, each tailored to students’ abilities to maximise teacher support and learning opportunities. Bilingualism is a key focus at Le Régent, with French being obligatory for all students. To support the development of language proficiency, students are encouraged to explore additional languages, with an emphasis on the development of their first language, including Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, and Italian, amongst others.

In the realm of Science, Grade 9 students delve into Biology, Chemistry, and Physics separately with specialist teachers. In Grade 10, students select personalised pathways aligned with their scientific interests and future ambitions. Creative Labs and Technology from lower secondary continue to be explored in Grade 9, accompanied by an increased focus on digital literacy and the introduction of Computer Science.

To foster a holistic and balanced education, Humanities options such as Geography and History are offered. The study of Global Societies is an integral part of the curriculum for all. In this subject, students become global thinkers and learn the theoretical knowledge needed to become global citizens: political structures, economic development, technology and society. They also undertake a citizenship project at a local level to make a positive impact on society.

At Le Régent, we strongly encourage student engagement in the Creative Arts both within and in addition to the academic curriculum. In Grade 9 students select a two-year pathway from Art, Music, and/or Theatre Studies, culminating in the production of a performance or artistic portfolio.

Complementing their regular curriculum, students in Grades 9 and 10 participate in specific lessons focusing on various aspects of the IB Programme. This includes Citizenship studies, an introduction to the IB core through a critical thinking and ethics course, and University Guidance. A personal project, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and based on personal interests, is also a mandatory component of the curriculum.

SUBJECT LIST 2023-2025
IB1 & IB2
16-18 Years

The IB Diploma Programme is a holistic educational programme recognised by all major universities and employers throughout the world. It encourages students to develop skills and knowledge as learners, and it promotes intercultural understanding and respect. International mindedness is central to our school’s approach to teaching and learning.

The holistic nature of the IB Diploma is complemented by our Co-curricular and Outdoor Education Programme, which allows our students to make the most of their time in the beautiful Alps, developing existing skills as well as acquiring new skills across all four seasons.


Le Régent offers students the possibility to complete the Régent Graduation Diploma, a parallel course that may be suitable for those who wish to focus on a particular area of specialism, in addition to their academic studies.

Le Régent Graduation Diploma