SERVICE & Leadership

We believe in nurturing compassionate, courageous, and creative individuals who actively contribute to their communities. Service learning stands as a cornerstone of a Régent education, embodying the values we hold dear.

Our dynamic student-led initiative, « C Sharp, » serves as a testament to our commitment to philanthropy and social responsibility. The group, primarily managed by the students themselves, engages in fundraising activities for various worthy causes. Beyond the tangible impact of their work, C Sharp plays a vital role in raising awareness and fostering the personal development of our students, nurturing valuable skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Each year, our students select a few charities to focus their fundraising efforts on, fostering meaningful connections and deepening their understanding of the organisations and the causes they support. Additionally, we cultivate strong community ties within the Haut Plateau and the wider Valais region, empowering our students to actively contribute to the betterment of their local community.